About us

Welcome to KK Dance Studio ...

KK Dance Studio is founded and directed by Kiran Kumar, a trained classical dancer. He has been teaching Indian classical, Bollywood and Contemporary dance for over 15 years and also a certified Zumba instructor. Extremely passionate about dance which reflects in his choreography.

Kiran Kumar continues his practice of ballet technique and other groundwork conditioning, as he now remains more occupied with choreography work for community, youth and commercial projects. His work with youth comprises - stage productions and musicals; corporate training sessions and workshops focussing on different aspects of dance-body alignment and workplace ergonomics; corporate events, art & performance design for festivals and interdisciplinary work for schools and colleges. Kiran works with others in a spirit that fosters creativity and vitality and is devoted to the development and artistic viability of dance art.

Company's Mission & Vision

Dance is one of the most expressive crafts known to mankind. People of all ages and preferences admire dance and, people in India are no different. In our country, there is a song and dance for virtually every season and reason. Despite so much love towards this art, people are averse to the idea of taking up dancing as a profession.

It is a common perception among people that dancing is not a respectable way of earning a living. Fortunately, things have changed a lot since KK Dance Studio opened its doors 20 years ago. With every step we take, with every move we make; we bring our students closer to dance and help to build their passion into a profession. Or simply, teach what they love doing the most, i.e., DANCE!!!